Wednesday, 17 August 2016

To quote Bob Dylan: 'The Times They may be kinda changing sometime soon' - Or Something Like That!

Imminently now I will be making some sort of change from full-time employee to well, something else...still trying to work out the details and fine tune the small print but ultimately I will be leaving/reducing gainful employment to focus on...big gulp...freelance work!

I've spent the last 11 years teaching the technical aspects of filmmaking with very little time for my own work, however the last 18 months has been leading up to this point - buying kit, flaunting myself across social media, working on my small talk for those awkward networking events but very soon I will need to turn all of those Facebook likes into actual money. Anyone know how? Seriously, anyone??

I have (I think) a good, although not huge (but growing) profile and following across the different platforms and work trickles in slowly, enough that I can easily manage the workload and don't have to turn it down for fear of reprisals for cutting my current full-time job to take it on, but soon that simply won't be enough. Can I cut it? Only one way to find out so let's see where it takes me.

Incidentally, if anyone is after some High-Quality Video Production or Photography at excellent introductory rates please let me know! 

Here is an example of a  recent promotional video for local business Absolute Confection: 

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