Friday, 19 August 2016

In the Edit

I have two very different post-production jobs on the go at the moment which couldn't be more different - a Digital Gateways seminar for artists looking to develop their online and social media knowledge and a live music video for local band Lomi, who have just released their 1st album.

Both were shot using new 4K technology by way of the Panasonic DVX200, which is a camera I have recently been getting to know inside and out and despite a couple of minor niggles, which is always going to be the case, I am absolutely loving! 2nd camera on each shoot has been a Canon 5D MkIII, another great quality camera, although I've never been a huge fan of shooting video on DSLR's.

Anyway, the point being that I now have the challenge of integrating 4K footage into a HD workflow and I have to say, after spending a hefty amount on a high-spec PC last year does not so far seem to be causing any problems, in fact everything (touch wood!) is so far silky smooth.

My plan has always been to offer 4K capture, which I am now happily able to do, and with a purchase of the forthcoming Canon 5D MkIV (which will also be 4K despite some underwhelming rumours - it's not officially announced until next Thursday) I will be able to provide a full 4K multi-camera production environment.

This is still not, however, to deliver in 4K. Unless specifically requested by a client I don't think the requirement is there yet but what it does allow is twofold - the best possible HD image when down-converted but also the ability to crop and produce a multitude of shots from a single camera position. I have been using both of these techniques on the projects mentioned above and it is incredibly empowering to me as an editor to suddenly have all of these options available.

Will it make me a better editor? Probably not.

Will it allow me to give my clients a much better product. Without a doubt.

And that's what it's all about.

Here is some of my initial test footage from the Panasonic DVX200:

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